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 Alexa (incomplete)

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Lunar Wolf

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PostSubject: Alexa (incomplete)   Alexa (incomplete) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 19, 2010 4:33 pm

Species: Wolf

Name: Alexa

Nickname: Ale

Pelt: Arctic white

Markings: none

Gender: female

Eye color: Green

Meow or bark: strong

Personality: Playful, loyal, Easy going. SHe likes to talk and always at the mission asks "When will the party begin?" She rather party than do anything serious, but when she needs to, she can be as cold and serious as Barricade. She is rather likable, but when she is pissed, which is really hard to get to, she will rip you to shreds.

History: Her Grandfather (Kira) was the Alpha of his wolf pack, and was one of the strongest of his breed. He died proceting his pack and human friends from a rival wolf pack. Now his Son is Alpha of that pack.

Strengths: Fast, agile, flexible

Weaknesses: Only moderately strong,

Other: Spy.... but for who?

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Alexa (incomplete)
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