Begin your legend and travel through many places as either a cat, dog, or wolf. Every animal has a story. Every animal has a destiny. Start yours today.
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 Wolf Generations

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PostSubject: Wolf Generations   Wolf Generations I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 9:20 am

Wolf Generations Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wolf Generations is an actual game that is being made by a group of teenagers and teenagers only. The game is still in development, and is not actually available for download yet. But you can sign up on the forum for updates on the game, offer to help out, or just have fun. You'll also have the honor of saying that you were a member before the game was released, once it gets released. It is suspected to be released around July of next year.
Official information from Britska, the leader of the project

so far the main information is -

A 3D wolf game for role play and such. This game is currently in progress of 3D animations and getting the servers. So far we have many animations done for our main animal the wolf. We are making the textures to put on the 3D models. It's a work in progress but so far it is going great. We have some meshes done like dens, and rocks.

This game is friendly for all ages, it's only open for Windows download for now, we are planning to make them for Macs too so, don't worry Mac users, you will get to play too.

We plan to have a contest of some sort for maybe a default map design, however.

New Website: - In progress -

Staff for the game - GaaraRocks!, ZukoRocks!, Darkfox, Britska, Shiro, Horseracer101, Marduk (Blindseer), Kalyka, Vanity, Kodiak, RaiWolf, Zumi and Star.

More information will be on it's way soon.

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Wolf Generations
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