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 Not to far from home.

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Proud of Who You Are
Proud of Who You Are

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Not to far from home. Empty
PostSubject: Not to far from home.   Not to far from home. I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 10, 2009 4:18 pm

atlantickept walking till he stoped at a shore. this place seemed perfect, the air smelled of deer,rabbits,squirels and groundhogs. Atlantic could even smell fresh bird scents like hawks and seagals. atlantic gave a grin and trotted off a little farther away following the scent of rabbits.

the scent lead him to a small open feild with a hole near the edge. atlantic kept behind the bushs, he amediatly saw 3 rabbits out of the hole, two big ones and one baby. the rest must be in the hole he thought to himself. his eyes moved over to the fattest one. the rabbit was not to far away from him and none of them sensed his present. it was a very plump rabbit so it couldnt be that fast.

atlantic crept forward slowly not making a sound, all he could hear was his breathe and the rustling of the wind coming his way. he could smell the rabbit so clearly it was making his mouth water. one big pounce he thought and thats all he needed. atlantic got ready to make the jump. his scent still bein coverd by mushrooms. he jumped very high but it was to noisy. the rabbits heard him. his first thought was to run after the big one. amediatly he chased after it and knocked it over with his paw and bite down hard on his neck untill he heard the satisfying crunch on the creatures neck. the dead body droped down from his jaws and he grunted in satisfaction. he walked off pack to his new pack.
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Not to far from home.
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