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PostSubject: Zatik   Zatik I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 5:16 pm

Species: Norwegian Lundehund

Name: Zatik

Nickname: Zatik

Pelt: See picture

Markings: See picture

Gender: Male

Eye color: Brown

Meow or bark:Bark

Personality: Zatik may not be one of the larger breeds of dogs, however despite his size he is very sharp tonged and takes pride in himself. His ego is very large even when people attempt to insult him and bring it down. It never works. He believes he's a natural born leader to all breeds and races of canines but has never actually lead anything into battle or hunt. Zatik doesn't accept others that try to converse with him at first. They have to put serious effort into their personality and flaunting if they really want him to pay attention or sound interested and un-cocky while talking to him. Of course, this could be why he doesn't receive many 'allies'. (As he likes to call them.) If you do draw his attention than your character is probably the type that stands out from the crowd. But altogether Zatik is too prideful to admit that he actually doesn't have much experience in fighting, but more so in planning. He may not act like it but the small canine is actually very intelligent. He'd be the brain of the group rather than the leader. He puts together planning in his mind and pairs up possible outcomes and intakes to see if the mission and/or battle would be a failure or a success, having of earned this trait from his mother and dropping the power trait from his father. Really he's just shy and isn't sure how to respond to others in a regular way if they choose to speak to him.

History: Zatik grew up regularly in a family of four. He was the offspring of two pure Norwegian Lundehund. The first being his father, and the second obviously being his mother. He wasn't exactly told how the two met, but they occasionally hinted to the young dog as a pup that he had a major role to play sooner or later. They rarely hinted to his younger brother Dante however. Dante was a headstrong pup, who seemed to walk over Zatik at a young age even though he was a bit' younger than him. Zatik still cherished his brother and had the urge to protect him even when his brother treated him like dirt. His parents noticed this flaw in his brother but never exactly bothered to pick it out in fear that their own kin would say something against them. As the sun aged, and so did the forest around the small group of dogs Zatik's brother began to develop an odd thirst for blood and power. He'd continuously rant it out to his family, friends, and even himself until everyone except Zatik began to worry and try to stop this odd way of thinking. At first, they tried to talk him out of it but he just continued to mutter more nonsense. Zatik, however sat on the sidelines and repeatedly suggested toward his parents that they should give it a break and allow his brother to grow out of it. They listened to him for a while, however but when Dante began to make threats of death towards others his parents knew that something had to be done. They tried to punish him physically to snap him out of it, but for some odd reason Dante fought back. He had near-flawless fighting skills and clawed at his own parent's throats and anyone who tried to stop him until he was at the point where he could feast upon their flesh. When Zatik saw his parents dead, on the ground he felt a bitter chill run down his spine. There wasn't much he could do since he never was a fighter, and he had begun to wonder who trained Dante in the way of fighting. Facing his brother, he tried to consider something that his mother or father had told him but failed ultimately and turned away from the canine, running as far away as he could like a coward. To this day, he regrets the day he mentally stabbed the ones he loved in the back and temporarily requests revenge upon his brother and seek out who slipped vegence and power into his life, without intentions to actually kill him.

Strengths: Quick to think, Fast, Deep thinker, Usually has well-thought out plans and a fair mind.

Weaknesses: Suck-ups, Cowards, and others who hurt other people and treat them as 'slaves'.

Other: Does not believe in murder.

Picture:Zatik LundehundLizzie
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PostSubject: Re: Zatik   Zatik I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2009 6:23 pm

great character so far. just the weakness has to be physical. for example, since Zatik is fast, he wouldnt be as strong, so you could write that in the weaknesses part.

welcome to Lost Life! hope you have fun here. just call me DD if you wanna. ^^

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