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 Salva Veritate

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PostSubject: Salva Veritate   Salva Veritate I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 02, 2009 6:26 pm

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A star fell from heaven and touched her forehead. It began...

When she was touched by starlight, she began to glow. Her eyes turned red, her face pink, and her coat became pink. She looked to the Moon, and heard the Moon speak to her. The Moon had given her all the magic of the universe, and told her to use it wisely. And then, the Moon disappeared.
The doe looked about her forest, and called to all of her kin. They looked up at the hole where the Moon once was, their mouths gaping stupidly. The doe found herself capable of complex thought, and wished to speak to all her kind. But they were stupid, and knew not how to speak. So she invented language, and gave it to the deer.

She gave language to all the forest, hoping that they could co-exist, but that was impossible. So when her people came, begging her to help them, she gave them magic. The deer used their magic to chase off the predators, until only a handful of wolves remained. The doe warned not to kill all the predators, for if they did the balance would be upset.

But the deer did not listen, and the doe could not take her magic back. So she made the wolves large and strong, and then not even the deer could chase them away. As the doe grew older, she watched as nature tried to heal itself. The wolves became desperately inbred, and the deer had abandoned their old sylvan ways.

The old doe died, and in her place grew a white oak tree with stunning red leaves. She died with the hope that one day the magic would fade out of the world, so that it may return to how it once was.

The End?


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