Begin your legend and travel through many places as either a cat, dog, or wolf. Every animal has a story. Every animal has a destiny. Start yours today.
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Oi Matt!
Proud of Who You Are
Proud of Who You Are
Oi Matt!

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PostSubject: Silouhette   Thu Dec 04, 2008 4:38 pm

Name: Silouhette
Personality: One word, cool.
He's a friendly, happy wolf, who has a annoying likness to humans. He likes humans, he likes to watch them, much to the other's disgust sometimes, but overall he is one word, cool.
Everyone wants to hang out with him, and he has no problem with anyone. Everything he does is just dazzles everyone. He's not very strong, but his skills, speed and agility makes up for that easily. He pulls off moves that some never dreamed of in his seemingly bottomless bag of tricks. A human might regard him as a "ninja" type soldier. He observes every species he's encountered carefully, finding aspects that no one else ever noticed before to pick up new "fads" and moves. His ability to easily adapt to any enviroment makes him indepensible

History: He was born in a kennel by the breeding of male gray wolf, and a Artic wolf/Siberian husky female, and was his master's favorite of the litter. For some odd reason, he put a diamond stud in Silouhette's left ear to show it.
He was taught wolf behavior from his father, who used to be wild, but loved his human just as much. At two his father convinced him to find a way to escape to start a pack of his own, and to take part of him into the wild. Silouhette agreed, and after licking his human's hand, he bolted off when he took him to the park.
He hung close around the suburbs, causing fear among the human citizens and a truck came to capture him, driving him deeper into the wild his father had told him about. He hunted small game, learning from the creatures around him new hunting technique and how to hunt them. He was a loner for a year, but he craved company. He found a wolf pack that he quickly begged to join, the Windrunners. He was by Hawk Flight's side all the time when the leader died and Wind Breaker took the pack and beat up on Hawk FLight, and he supported Hawk Flight to no end when he rose to become leader.

Theme music: In the End

Personal quote: When does the party begin?

Pelt color: Silver grey
Markings: black tinted area across shoulders
Eyes: Ice green
Scars: A a long, thin jagged scar across his lower back, a diagonal slash across his chest
Special: Diamond stud in left ear
Age: 3

Tech Spec (GM/leader exempt)
Strength: Medium
Agility: High
Speed: High
Endurance: Medium
Intelligence: High
Skill: High

Rank: Peacemaker by choice

Mate: none
Siblings: None that he knows
Crush: Free Promise

Doc: No, I'm a pacifist.
Caboose: ... You're a thing that babies suck on?
Tucker: No, Caboose, that's a pedofile.
Church: He meant a pacifier, Tucker!
Tucker: Oh, I was... thinking about something else...

There are no secrets, just hidden answers.

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Pack Leader
Pack Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Silouhette   Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:35 pm

Lol he likes Free Promise XD

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